Clan recruitment rules

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Clan recruitment rules

Post by Butterfly on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 10:20

Since I got several clan recruitment requests, I would like to point out some rules to make things easier and clearer for me and possible new recruits:

1) If you apply by yourself, you have to be at least 21 years old. This doesn't apply to current members who are younger and have been invited by me personally. This rule will prevent angry teenagers from trying to destroy my reputation and affecting my social media with unwanted content.

2) You have to be responsive both in game chat and forum. People who don't respond to me and demand a higher level will not get a positive comeback.

3) You need to have a clean slate regarding servers and clan. If you caused problems at any given moment on server, do not apply to the clan. If you left the clan or have been kicked out, do not re-apply. It will save us all drama and bad air.

4) Current members can invite other people to the clan, but those people should show some interest, not only be friends or family of current members.

5) If I didn't hear from you for a year, you are removed from the clan without the possibility of re-applying. You can show any interest by playing, writing on the forum or talking to me through social media.

6) If you can see clan area on the forum, this means you are in the clan. If you are in the clan you are required to wear |LoA| tags with your name at all times. Dropping the tags may result in exclusion.

7) If you are unhappy in one of the most relaxed servers on earth, then I bid you farewell, and any drama from you will be deleted at my earliest convinience, so please don't bother.

8) Enjoy and have fun :)


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Re: Clan recruitment rules

Post by The-Dwarf on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 21:35

Roger that !

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