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Post by NaTuRaL on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 03:05

hey guys,
i just copy and paste the Topic.

So this tutorial is going to tell you how to use the commands for the bots in Discord.
Currently there are 3 bots on our Discord server, namely:
• MusicBot
• WildBot
• Mee6Bot

**As you know the use of ET commands, ET has a prefix ‘/’ that has to be used to enter commands. Similarly these bots too have prefixes which determine that you have entered a command and are not chatting.
**In case you type the command wrong or maybe incomplete command, most of the times the bot gives you a syntax and example of how the command is to be used.


MusicBot Commands

For this bot the prefix is !!!

**Note: In case you want to check available commands of this bot you can always check the announcements channel.**


!!!play <link or name of the song> ---plays your song

**note: The link can be from any website like youtube, spotify or soundcloud.*

!!!search <keyword/name> ---gives a list of songs

**note: ONLY adding names can bring up multiple songs in a list of numbers, you will have to choose the song by the following command.**


!!!choose <number where your song is on the list> ---sets the song you want to play

**before you use the command, make sure you are in MusicBot voice channel, so that it knows where to play it.**

example above

!!!pause---pauses and also resumes current song

**when you're the last person to leave MusicBot-channel please pause the music.**


**It also resumes the playlist**


!!!stop ---stops playing the songs resets the playlist and leaves the voice-channel

!!!loop ---loops the whole playlist (or song if you have one song in playlist)

!!!shuffle ---shuffles the current playing playlist

!!!jump[time] ---jumps to the particular time of the song

!!!jump 1:25

!!!queue ---shows the queue/list of the songs on the playlist

!!!queue all or !!!q all ---shows all playlist content, queue shows only 10 in order

!!!remove <song name/number> ---removes the song from the current playlist


**note !!!remove without any numbers will remove song thats currently playing and will start playing next one.**

!!!restart ---Plays the song from the beginning

!!!about ---shows information about the bot

!!!help ---shows usable commands/command help of MusicBot

!!!discordfm <library> ---Plays the radio from the selected library


!!!discordfm Chill Corner

** Available Libraries:
Electro Hub, Chill Corner, Korean Madness, Japanese Lounge, Classical, Retro Renegade, Metal Mix, Hip-hop, Electro Swing, Purely Pop, Rock-n-Roll, Coffee-house Jazz**

!!!radio <link/name> ---streams/plays radio stations

**using only !!!radio will show list of avaliable radio stations to play.**

!!!volume ---sets the volume for the bot (volume changes for all users)

** Volume command is unavailable at the moment, because it is a premium only command. Instead adjust volume by right clicking the bot and changing its' user volume.**

!!!nowplaying ---Shows the current playing song

!!!move <voice-channel> ---moves the bot to the specified voice-channel

**or you could just drag to channel you want. But ‘Musicbot’ channel was created just for the sole purpose of this bot, so let’s leave him there. AFK channel is off-bounds for musicbots.**


WildBot Commands
For this bot the prefix is ++

++request <link/name> ---plays the songs

**Works same as ‘play’ in the musicbot**

++pause ---pauses the current playlist.

++voice ---summons the bot in your voice-channel.

++leave-voice ---makes the bot leave the current voice-channel.

++stop ---stops the current playlist and leaves the channel.

++skip ---skips the current song.

++fancy insult <@username> ---insults in old English, not too harsh.


++magic8ball <meaningfull question> ---bot tries to answer your question in ‘Yes or no’.



++meme <memetheme><”message1”><”message2”> ---gives a meme using your theme and messages

**Quotes are important**

**Currently available memes:

brace, mostinteresting, fry, onedoesnot, yuno, success, allthethings, doge, drevil, skeptical, notime, yodawg, ermahgerd, hipsterariel, imagination, grumpycat, morpheus, 1stworldproblems, facepalm, wtf, batmanslaprobin, takemymoney, gollum, grindmygears, consuela, ineedyouto, chucknorrisapproves, asianfather, foreveralone, grandmainternet, zoidberg, troll, familyguybrian, obama, badluckbrian, philosoraptor, 3rdworldsuccess, ancientaliens**


++advice ---Bot'll give you some fantastic advice!

++catfacts ---Bot'll give you some interesting catfacts

++cleverbot <message> ---Talk to cleverbot! It's supposed to answer related to message but it does fun things instead. See for yourselves

++dice ---roll some dice!

++fact ---gives you some interesting facts!

++leetspeak ---encodes your messages in leetspeak


++shuffle ---Shuffle the current playlist

++stroke ---strokes someones ego!

++urbandictionary ---fetchs what idiots on the internet thinks something means


++volume ---changes bot’s volume *for whole server*

++voteskip ---Vote to skip the current playing song

++xkcd ---gets a XKCD comic for you, you can define a comic number & It'll fetch that one


++yesno ---Returns a gif displaying yes or no

++yomomma ---get a random yomomma joke for you!


Mee6Bot Commands
For this bot the prefix is !

!rank ---shows how much your total spam is(jk).

**shows the ranks based on your activness in text chat only** **better use the link in the pinned messages if you see many people doing !rank **

Well, that’s basically it for most of the people, this bot is only for mod purposes and not for entertainment I guess.
*Boring Bot, hiummph sigh*


So those are all the commands of all the current bots. Hope you liked the tutorial, for more Discord tutorials refer below.
Play well, Happy Discording !!!! Cya on Discord.

People who are overall new to the app itself------------Discord Newbs
People who want to show-off their games--------------Game Detecion
People who want in-game overlay of the app----------Overlays

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discord bot command Empty Re: discord bot command

Post by NaTuRaL on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 03:39

hey friends !!

here my discord tag : NaTuRaL_Beauty_o0#4562

have a nice day !!

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discord bot command Empty Re: discord bot command

Post by Butterfly on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 11:13

Thanks! I'm planning to make a discord server once my renovation is done Smile

leash laws strictly enforced
all subs must be under restraint

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discord bot command Empty Re: discord bot command

Post by NaTuRaL on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 13:41

no problem butterfly, really awesome this discord alien alien alien

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discord bot command Empty Re: discord bot command

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