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Post by twisted on Tue 29 May 2018, 06:24

I got a new project in the works of posting video's of our game play on There is a large gaming community there already. Thought about You tube, but You tube is censoring a lot of stuff. I may still put some there, I think I'm gonna start with Minds. Screw YT and their crapping on free speech, and the free Internet.  Then again I may have to post them there and link them on Minds. One step at a time. I finally got a system that can handle converting the demos to a format I can post.

So I'm thinking of the intro.

                                                                                            Game Play
                                                                    Yardy's Extreme Enemy Territory server.
                                                                                    Powered by Butterfly
                                                          Enemy Territory server ip
                                                                                         Extreme Speed!
                                                                                       Extreme Weapons!
                                                                                          Extreme Kills!
                                                                                        Extreme Battles
                                                                                           Wicked Sick!
                                                       Come visit us at

It'll be simple at first. The intro, then right to a demo of a whole map. I'll be demoing myself as well as all of you to get the footage. All of you are some of the best players in ET, and all of us have our own playing style, techniques, and tactics.  

I know I'm asking for some it when say this. But I am looking for that rare mid air panzer shell to the face, from across the map for the intro. I wanna make that panzer shell come from behind the text and explode the intro text off the screen. I have to wonder who's gonna be the first one to head shot me with a panzer from across a map while I'm looking at them. It's gonna be a difficult shot to get. It's easy to get one sitting still, and that would be a good start till I get the mid air one. That would make a great intro.

I invite all of you to make your own demos and upload them what ever file server you use and post the link in this topic. I can then download it and add it to my collection to be converted into mp4 videos to be posted. I need the different perspective's and I can't demo but one player at a time. And that usually mine, cause honestly I'd rather be playing then watching. So if any of you get a demo of a face shot with a panzer then please send it to me. I'm trying to maximize my chances of getting that perfect shot here my friends.

This my friends well promote our clan and our servers, and I hope bring in more players.

I'll be doing all this on Linux Mate 18.04. I'll be using Wine for the game, Gimp for the graphics, Simplescreen recorder to record the demos into mp4 format, and Shotcut to edit them. These all seem to run pretty well in this Mate 18.04. There is a freezing bug when in game on Wine sometimes. But it's come a go. Some nights it don't freeze up at all, then others 2,3,4 times or more. Don't know what's causing it. But for the most part it runs great at a full +60fps. I'm gonna try and do it all at 720p at 60fps. It's worked in my tryouts, but honestly I don't know what kind of bugs I'll run into.

And last, Not! even least. I invite all of you to share your ideas, comments, and suggestions on my projact.

Thanks my friends for all your help and input about my project.


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Game play video's  Empty Re: Game play video's

Post by Butterfly on Tue 29 May 2018, 06:39

Coolio. I'm on lunch break at work now, but I'll record some demos of my tomorrow's gameplay, and post them here Smile

I can also do my "flame piruet", if you'd like to film it from 3rd person perspective Smile

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Game play video's  Empty Re: Game play video's

Post by twisted on Tue 29 May 2018, 15:02

I'd like that Butterfly. I've caught some of Yardy's "flame piruet" the other night. Pretty cool stuff.
I've been wondering how much control there is in flight. Like is there enough control to dance in the sky with another player? Or maybe write something. Like a flaming LOA in the sky. That would be great to be added to the intro. With the player who crosses the "A" getting toasted and yelling "Medic!"
I can create the flaming letters in Gimp. But that won't be as good as it being written in flames.
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Game play video's  Empty Re: Game play video's

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