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Post by twisted on Mon 03 Jun 2019, 17:37

I have noticed that the system manufactures do not always post the same stats and hardware that well work in their systems. For instance Hp says max 16 gb ram for this system. but the chipset manufacturer, and users say 32 gb ram.
This seems to be the same for graphics cards and other accessories, and addons.
So my question for you gays, and gals is....
Well a PSI card that well not work given the PSU is large enough to run it damage my mobo? Or well it just not work? I've never fried a system by installing a PCI card that didn't work on that mobo. But that does not mean it does not happen.
I just bought a Dell T5500 workstation with a xeon hex core. I got 3 radeon graphics cards. Dell recommends only 1 radeon card and these are not it. How ever they are all low power cards that I bought for this HP. It would just be twisted to fry it trying out a none recommended card. But I wanna try them. So if anyone has any recommendations about this. I all eyes. Thank you.
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