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Post by Sneaky Bastard on Mon 10 Jun 2019, 21:49

I went to play on N!tmod and Yardy's and the servers are down. Crying or Very sad

It has been a rough 3 or 4 weeks at work... I hope everything is ok.

Cheers... SB
Sneaky Bastard
Sneaky Bastard
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Post by Butterfly on Mon 10 Jun 2019, 22:45

"A very large DDoS attack against your IP address overloaded our connection speed and/or our router's filtering capacity at your location a short while ago and caused location-wide problems. We were forced to null-route the IP address as an stopgap emergency response measure. This null-route will need to remain in place for at least 4 hours."

Same old, same old. Whoever is doing it has truly no life. We will move again, or we'll be down for good. I'll see what I'll do next. It's 4:45AM and I just woke up (quite normal for me).

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