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Post by twisted on Fri 14 Jun 2019, 00:25

Hi friends.
So I quickly learned that a workstation well not run a desktop OS. Mate froze after just a few minutes. after a bit of research, I found that this beast of mine well not run stable on any linux distros other then Red Hat based distos. Rhel, Centos, or Fedora. I did did someone who got it to run Umbuntu. But I believe I can do what I need in Fedora. But there is a possibility I could get it to run on Mate eventually. My goal is at first, what works.
So my friends Fedora is the only choice I have really. I checked out cent already , well Fedora too in VM's. Fedora is a lot easier to set up then Cent, however still more difficult then Mate.
The glass is not even in options list of os's for me.
There's always a dark side to everything to say the least. And using the command line is the nature of this beast. Love it!!!!
Unlike Cent, Fedora does not give you the option to set a root password in the installation.
It has no right click. So no open in terminal. I cannot change the root passwd as the admin user on bare metal. WTF? So I got to try through an ISO live. I can do this! I got 2 running so I'm flying high on exploding penguin farts. LOL There's a rocket in there somewhere. I ain't found it yet. But it's there. I know it there at my command. Just gotta figure out how to command it.
So here I am staring at the file manager in a live ISO running on my feathery beast. lol I know what I gotta do. I found a tut of it through the internet oracles.
However I'm so damd excited. Got to vent.
So have installed centos 3 times. Now on the 3rd install of Fedora. Twisted them up. Fun times my friends. Yea gotta go back and review setting passwd in my UDEMY course. I changed the root passwd several times in a centos vm about 2 weeks back. Passed a quiz on it.
WTF!!! I can't remember how to do it. I'm gonna do again! And I'm gonna do it again every time I have to. I well succeed. There is no stopping infinity!!!!
This is infinite possibilities to me my friends. Everything I've ever dreamed of doing on a computer I can do now. All I have to do is do it over and over again.
Fedora looks like it's gonna be an awesome os. It's the experimental flavor of Red Hat. So while it may have it's bugs. I understand it is a very stable and powerful os. This is pretty exciting for me.
I'm lined up for 3 linux courses now.
Linux admin. Doing now. Messed up because the instructor is teaching network ssh and I got no virtual network to copy what he's doing set up.
so I made the choice I was gonna learn Linux networking. Got a course fort that lined up also. also have "Linux network security" Then there is the Gimp, and soon to be Blender. And if I find. I well get one in video production. I believe it'll happen. Make my own possibilities.
So my goals are graphics and 3d animation. However I can see this decseption is sucking our data. Whether it be the PTB, or hackers. Can't leave our doors and windows open in the house when we go to the store.
So I'm learning linux, how to admin it, and secure it so I can keep the blurps out. Can't let the blurps know we been here right? Their need to know never works out good for us.
I'm locking my house down, Then I well be infinity. They won't be able to stop me. I'm like the UP4014 running at 90 down a mountain. Clear white stem bellowing from my stacks. A comet in the wind. UNSTOPPABLE!!!!
That's the way I feel!
I well be playing ET on Fedora in wine by august on the feathered beast.
Imagine a beastly feathered red eyed Penguin. with a beard and canines lining it's wide open beak! Fire spewing out like a flame thrower. Steam spewing out it's ears. Souring from the blasing fart rocket out it's ass.
Wearing a blue and black Fedora hat, and a bullet riddled bloody tux. I may be the only twisted hillbelly nerd on the planet playing ET on a Fedora workstaion.
Peace my friends with no Quarter.
Love you all. Thank you for all the fun you give to me.
Infinite possibility my friends you are!

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Fedora on a Penguin Empty Re: Fedora on a Penguin

Post by twisted on Sun 16 Jun 2019, 04:44

I know you Loling at me. I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar.
So I finally figured out how to find UUIDs so I could update the /etc/fstab/
Now I get a parse error.
One thing after another.
Fstab can't find the drive to mount it.
WTFork why don't all OS's give us the option to set our root password as we install it?
Why so difficult?
Why can't I install drivers in Fedora as easily as in the glass?
For the same reasons I cannot be root in Mate. Because there's no root access. No option to set the root passwd as you install it.
Only 2 ways to set the root passwd. In recovery mode or in a live cd boot.
I only have one os installed on the metal drive in my system. So grub does not come up as I boot it. So I cannot access recovery.
Is there and Fkey for that?
Not found it yet.

So the searching goes on.
This is all so I can install my graphics drivers. Gotta be root on my hardware install.
And I have learned after I shut it down. I gotta do it all over again.
Guess that's all good. I'll learn it eventually.
I can install and set up Mate in under 2 hours. Just like I like it. But I'm new to fedora. Mostly the same , but not. Never had to set a root passwd in Mate. But it's the same. No root password settings in the install.
I'll get it right eventually.
The syntax is wrong in the fstab some how. Well parsing as it tells me. I point it toward the MNT directory I created. Don't work. I don't know what I'm doing wrong yet.

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