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Twisted beast on linux.

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Twisted beast on linux. Empty Twisted beast on linux.

Post by twisted Sat 02 Nov 2019, 01:57

Okay my assign respowners, I'm a space case. After drinking 1/2 gallons of Bartons vodka for years and many 211's I think I'm fighting dementia. I say that because I forget shit within 2 weeks on average after learning it and have to refresh to remember it. Not like it was when I was a young man. Can't see shit, or RS. Hell I forget what I'm doing in the middle of doing it while doing it. WTF distractions come easy. Holy fuck I just smoke another bowl and refresh as needed and if I can drink another beer. Not the 211 shit no more. Makes me feel like crap the next day these days. I did it to myself. Opps
With that said. I'm still working on my video project. It's twisted I got so close. I actually got one vid cut made without a crash in Mageia7 using 3 monitors and 2 vid cards.. Yea you read that right. Mageia 7. The Cauldron, which fits me just right. Cause I love Magick. Then I went as I always do and make some config changes and twisted it up. WTF? With that install I could play ET in full screen and it played well in WINE.After putting the card in and tring to tweak it I twisted it up. Had something to do with Compez.
So I digress. You see I bought a used Nvedia 1 gb GPU identical to the working one I have in my beast. I was thinking that with it being the same I should be able to get it running right quickly. And I did get it working,,,, at first. Then I made some tweaks and screwed it up,Then it wouldn't boot and had to reinstall my os. MAgeia 7 because I was able to get ET to run right on it in WINE. But now it well only run in 800x600 res. All my configs are just copied and pasted and are the same. So it's a setting in the new WINE version I have not been able to find. Even with play on linux I cannot change it. I'll find it. It well come to me in a dream like most things do.
I had to change my system around some.
I have a 2tb HDD with 2 installs of Mageia on it.Both are the same, At least I try to keep them the same with a hidden shared drive. I do that so that I have a working one if one crashes.
Mageia 7 is a as good IMHO as Ubuntu Mate. Before my beast I had reinstalled Mate 10 times if not a hundred. Well I'm banging that with Mageia 7 now. Always something new. always something different to figure out to make it run like I want. Hey just for the record, for me windoze was the same. And I have to admit W7 was easier to experiment on because of being able to reset it to a earlier state. Linux I find you have to set that up. W7 done it automatically. out the box.
I hate anything the blurps created to control me with. And yea windoze is a tool of the blurps.So I use Linux now for everything. I've not used W7 at all for over a year now at all. Hell longer if I could remember. Hate the blurps methods in control, so I rebel in every none violent way I can think of. I'm a rebel or a prisoner in their eyes always looking for a way to fuck back and rebel. Only because I well not be herded like a shleeple at their will. Cause even if I am being herded, heheheh I'm gonna twist them up every way I can on the way. I dont GaF,,, they lie to me and I have no problem lying to them.F them all!
Shleeple believe all they are told by their leaders with no questions. Rebels and prisoners always ask questions and questions answers and always seek ways to twist them up in none violent ways. No violence needed. Just refuse to be enslaved.
So I a twisted poisoned soul refuse to be controlled by those who wish to control me. I am a free sovereign being, and I well not give over my free will to any man. No god no man. I control me!
To be clear to those Blurps I wish no harm on them and only invoke favor for them. But I well not give them my sov
I digress again. So I'm running Mageia 7 on my beast. I'm sure it's no beast to some of you but it is a beast to me. My new dream for it is another CPU and 12gb of ram for it. 60 US bones to get! But I don't know if I'll be able to get that. The blurps are bleeding me every way they can. F them I'll make it work any way I can that's not the blurps way. I'll eventually make it work with out the second CPU if I can't get another.
That makes 3 vid cards for my beast. The 2nd did not work, the last one not sure yet. Gotta tear down my rigs to get to testing it. My rigs are stacked with a 32 inch monitor on top of them. 2 32 inch and 2 19 inch. I want my beast to run all 4 and my HP to run 2. But getting 2 GPU's to working right is a challenge with any drivers in Linux. Easier it appears with Nouveau drivers. Gotta test the new one alone when I get the time. I had to pull it because nothing was working right with it. 16 bit color sux. So I pulled it and reinstalled and everything worked great. I don't know for sure but I suspect there's a setting I need to make to make it work' It worked easy before so why now is it different?
So my spawning family I got to tell you all that I practice and study magick and I invoke favor for all of you. May you receive good things and be restored all you have lost a hundred fold. Nothing missing, nothing broken.May you all have all you need and desire. And just so you know,even if you think the worst of me. I still invoke the same for you.No gods involved.! Just my intent, and desire!
I wear a tux with a Fedora! Cause I'm still working with Fedora also. And I love Fedora's. Not my job, just my hobby. But I'm stirring a cauldron of magick also. Sometimes it blows up in my face, others it's awesome.

For I well not bow to no man or man made god. As I can see they are all man made.I call BS on religion of all kinds.As I do on the blurps!

Yea I'm
Twisted, But I'm free.

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Twisted beast on linux. Empty Re: Twisted beast on linux.

Post by Butterfly Sat 02 Nov 2019, 07:37

Nice read, Twisted.

Sometimes I wanna go full Linux like you, the only thing that's stopping me is the fact I am attached to mainstream software due to my love for gaming. Most big titles require MS or Sony's systems.

However, anything that has more than entertainment value gets done through live LTS versions of Ubuntu and Lubuntu. I like that they don't write to my HDD and everytime I start them up they're fresh new.

I'll check the Mageia, if I like it I may keep it on a external drive Smile

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Twisted beast on linux. Empty Re: Twisted beast on linux.

Post by twisted Sat 02 Nov 2019, 22:42

Mageia 7 runs good till I try something I should have. It uses rpm and urpm out the box, I'm thing yum may be there also. But you can install any of the package managers from almost any Linux os. For instance there are packages for Ubuntu that I like and there's ways to add them to Mageia. I think they was in the rpm archives. I had the last install running with them. But I haven't been able to find the packages again. So I'm gonna start achieving them now on a drive accessible to any other os on my system. They hidden till I manually mount them as root.
So depending on the desktop you can download and install deb packages like ubuntu uses. That's pretty cool. It also has a firewall that's enabled first boot. No sudo ufw enable in the terminal right off. Yea Ubuntu, I've installed it so much, I could do it in my sleep. WOW Not all's lost I'm having to refresh things I learned 2 weeks before isn't so bad when I remember I can install Ubuntu so easily. lol
I have wrecked my systems so many times in the last 2 years running linux I can't count the times. If you run this game in WINE on ubuntu, with the marco (no compositor enabled in the desktop tweaker for your desktop, it runs great. After closing all running apps that use the GPU. Well at least in MATE. I didn't do to well with the other desktops. I like Mate, I'm running it in Mageia, and Fadora also. Oh Fedora Silverlight is an awesome Idea. But it does something weird with the drive that makes it hard to multiboot your system. It wanted to take the whole drive. Wouldn't allow me to select the parts I wanted. Reminds me of windows. Likes multiboot even less I'd say.
I love it but it's frustrating when you need to use a command in the terminal that you haven't needed for a couple of weeks and you can't remember the damd thing. "I just did this 2 weeks ago!" WTF gotta go research it again. Yea I get a bump off my pipe first, I gotta laugh at myself for that. The really weird thing is the answers I seek in anything seem to come to me in my sleep. And usually 2 to 3 weeks after I start seeking them. Most I find quickly but others I try several things eventually leading to me crashing my os and making it unbootable somehow. However I just found a package for this Mageia that well let me create an installable ISO of my running os. With all the installed software. Yea I'm thinking a large flash drive or an external hdd.
It's interesting that for the first few times I installed Mageia the game ran great in it. I installed WINE and copied and pasted my Wolf folder into the Cdrv in WINE and it ran great. But this one it's giving me hell. So I'm playing on my HP rig for now. There's a setting in WINE I read about when I didn't need it, that I can't remember or find now. TWISTED! Perhaps it'll come to me in my dreams. LOL
Fedora's down fall with me is no root access. You gotta hack into it with a live usb. I still have not been able to get it right. So I found Mageia and it's working a lot better for me on my beast.
I believe the Silverlight takes auto snapshots for the system regularly like windows does. That's gotta be set up on most other linux os's. It's not to difficult to setup tho.
If I was not to tweak around and twist it up like I do, I believe it'll be a very stable running os. And you can try it before installing it on a live usb.
Here's the link for it.
I usually install all the desktops and select them at login. Nice! I believe you'll find most all the desktops that you find for ubuntu.
So it's time to fire up a bowl and shoot to thrill.
See yea in the hairs.
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Twisted beast on linux. Empty Re: Twisted beast on linux.

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